Ryan J. Zirngibl -Entertainment Design and Photography
Scenic DesignFilmPhotography
Ryan J. Zirngibl is a storyteller.

Most of his work is in Entertainment Design, where he has designed scenery for over one hundred events in Theatre, Film, Ballet, Fashion, Festivals, Special Events and more. Zirngibl has also returned to his roots with Photography - where he first learned the basics of composition many years ago, and which has influenced everything that he has done since.


Guiding Artistic Philosophies:

Every good work of art should tell a story.

Every great work of art should leave its audience with questions, not answers - so that they may discover a little of themselves in the world that they have been shown.

When Ryan can collaborate with a group of artists who also believe these two statements the most thrilling stories are brought to life.

That's when magic is made.